OPTP Introduces the TRS Activ8r, a Soft-Tissue Release Tool, MASSAGE Magazine

OPTP has introduced the TRS Activ8r, a compact, versatile, soft-tissue release tool. The TRS Activ8rTM, an inspired new approach to soft-tissue self-release, is designed to prevent nagging injuries, maximize performance, or rehabilitate from injury or daily stress.

The contoured profile and silicone construction set it apart from other myofascial release products. The Activ8r is perfect for the home, clinic or gym. It’s easy to store and transport; it can be frozen for a cold compress; it’s dishwasher safe for easy sanitization; and it benefits the entire body.

The anatomically contoured “figure-eight” design of the TRS Activ8r sinks deep into tissue for an invigorating myofascial release. When used for thoracic mobilizations, the Activ8r arches over the spine, simultaneously penetrating the muscles on both sides. This allows users to self-apply accurate, acute pressure and offers clinicians a productive treatment tool.

The TRS Activ8r can also increase compliancy with home exercise programs as it reaches areas that rollers and sticks cannot, is more user-friendly than tennis balls and includes all necessary instructions. Each Activ8r includes a poster that demonstrates the Tension Relief System (TRS), a program of mobilizations and range-of-motion stretches that can relieve back pain, improve posture, increase range of motion and prevent future pain.

“While there are many different balls on the market for muscle release, I love the Activ8r because its unique shape allows access to muscles on both sides of the spine simultaneously without inducing rotation,” said Diane Lee, P.T., F.C.A.M.T., C.G.I.M.S. “Unlike a foam roller, the curvature of the Activ8r nestles into that space between the spinous process and the rib angle (or innominate), facilitating specificity for segmental release of the thoracic rings, lumbar spine and pelvis. The Activ8r can also be used to release muscles on the front of the trunk and both the upper and lower extremities. This is a great idea and an effective product for teaching self-release in the clinic, gym, studio or home.”

Learn more about the TRS Activ8rTM at www.optp.com or call (800) 367-7393.