Yes It’s Organic, an online store, reports increasing sales as Mother’s Day approaches. Consumers are looking for eco friendly and healthy gifts for Moms.

04.27.2009 – Ed Mass, President and Founder of Yes It’s Organic, says he’s seeing a growing interest from customers looking for organic, eco friendly gifts for Moms. “Customers are writing to express gratitude and satisfaction with our huge inventory of eco friendly and organic items that make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day,” says Mass, “Our 100 percent Certified Organic Bamboo Pajamas are particularly selling well.”

Yes It’s Organic is an online store featuring only organic and eco-friendly products, including apparel, furniture and home accessories to enhance any green lifestyle. Mass created Yes It’s Organic not only to make organic and eco friendly products available, but to educate consumers about the importance of considering these everyday items and their potential environmental and health impacts.

“People often consider food when thinking about health and environment,” says Mass, “But it’s also important to consider apparel, furnishings, bed and bath products, too. Unless produced organically or using eco friendly tactics, these items are often laden with harmful and toxic chemicals. They not only harm the environment during growth and manufacturing, but can carry into our home environments. Many of these chemicals cause cancer and are linked to multiple chemical sensitivities (mcs) or other health issues.”

Mass has made it his mission to encourage awareness about organic and eco friendly everyday items. He has written several articles discussing the benefits of choosing organic over non organic, the positive properties of non traditional fibers like bamboo and hemp, and several other topics related to the textile industry.

When asked if Mass feels his education strategies are working, he said, “Oh yes, I do. I am seeing more and more sales from the store and people are leaving feedback about how they appreciate learning about the industry, knowing they are making a positive impact for the environment and their health.”

Yes It’s Organic is satisfying the demand for eco friendly gifts for Mother’s Day, too. The store has seen a jump in sales through April and expects to see more during the rush before the Holiday. Mass reports that 100% Organic Bamboo Pajamas and 100% Organic Cotton Yoga Apparel are the most popular items this season. Mass also anticipates a growing interest in the newer additions of stylish, organic cotton apparel tailored specifically for women, like the Women’s 100% Organic Cotton Voile Ruffle Blouse.

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