As the world has moved forward and technology has changed our lives we have lost our connection with the one thing that has been given to us generously-–our environment. We have used it carelessly, taken it for granted, and treated it without any thought of consequence. Thankfully, with the help of the media, people are finally starting to realize that we need to act now in order to guarantee the survival and growth of our environment.

Although environmental issues are now being brought to our attention, people still lack the knowledge of what they can do or how they can live a greener lifestyle. This is where Organic Runway comes in. Organic Runway is an online company that is single-mindedly dedicated to supporting the environmentally conscious customer, manufacturer, retailer and service provider-–basically every individual or company that cares-–through their informative blog, directory and store.

Organic Runway’s foremost concern is to help save and nourish our natural resources. Their blog provides everyday tips on how to live an eco-friendly life and introduces companies that are instrumental to the salvation of our planet.

Their directory was designed to make it easy for the consumer to find the best eco-friendly companies, ranging from apparel to beauty to food to magazines. Larry Rosenblum, one of the founders of Organic Runway, states that “By making it easier to access eco-friendly companies, we believe that others will make the right decisions and choose products that do not harm our environment any longer.”

Organic Runway has just launched its online store, created as a one-stop shop for everything green. It features products from a large diversity of eco-friendly companies to help people find everything they need easily.

Organic Runway’s goal is to make a more organic lifestyle a priority for everyone. Decisions about how we live and what we do to our environment have to be made consciously. With very little change we can make a difference in the lives of our children, and all future generations.