As widespread confusion about products claiming to be organic and natural continues to grow, a former journalist and practicing attorney has launched a consumer-oriented online retail site that goes beyond marketing and labels and does the research which may be too difficult or time-consuming for the average consumer to do on their own.

SACRAMENTO 03/04/09 – Bella Floria Organics, a Sacramento-based online retailer of organic and natural skin care, cosmetics and aromatherapy, launched its online beauty boutique in December. Bella Floria Organics,, exclusively offers brand-name, certified organic skin care, handmade soaps, and all-natural and organic baby and mom-to-be personal care products.

Founder Emelyn Rodriguez, a former print journalist and practicing public sector attorney, requires a full ingredient listing from each manufacturer. She then personally tests each product and reviews each ingredient with a cosmetics safety database. When necessary, she consults independent medical and scientific experts about safety and purity of the products.

“I have sensitive skin and I started reading labels and didn’t understand what a lot of the ingredients were. So I researched products and found many of them contained a lot of chemicals I wasn’t comfortable putting on my skin, even some that claimed to be ‘organic’ or ‘natural,'” Rodriguez said. “Most people don’t have the time or the inclination to do that kind of research so I decided to incorporate the consumer information as a key part of Bella Floria.”

Bella Floria Organics offers brands that use only the best organic and natural ingredients that do not contain potentially harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, and petrochemicals. The ingredients of each product available for sale are listed on the website so consumers can understand what they contain. The company also encourages less environmental waste through its use and support of eco-friendly production and packaging.

Bella Floria Organics is foremost a consumer service site, offering only approved brands and product lines that are truly organic and natural. Later this year, the site will also feature Bella Floria Pure Living Magazine, a source of consumer information, news, and green living tips.

SOURCE:, 03/04/2009