According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, almost a quarter million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas either have or are at risk for osteoporosis, a condition identified by the U.S. Surgeon General, as a public health threat. In celebration of World Osteoporosis Day on October 20, 2008, Arlington, Texas Chiropractor Johann Van Beest has launched an outreach program for September and October to collaborate with other doctors throughout the area in bringing GE™s Lunar iDXA„ system, the most accurate diagnostic tool available anywhere, to patients who would not otherwise have access to the new device (

Approved by the FDA in 2005, the Lunar iDXA„ system (intelligent dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry) enables clinicians to more accurately detect, diagnose and monitor treatment of osteoporosis.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the iDXA system has the lowest percentage of error and the highest quality imaging of any osteoporosis diagnostic method, says Johann Van Beest, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and CEO of HighPoint Patient Services in Arlington, Texas, which recently acquired the system. With earlier detection and treatment, patients have a significantly greater chance of preventing the debilitating hip fractures that compromise quality of life for so many people. Previous technologies gave us only part of the story.

An iDXA scan yields high-definition images accompanied by a detailed report showing the patient™s exact bone density and fracture risk, Dr. Van Beest notes. For those who fit established risk guidelines, the cost of the scan is typically covered by insurance or Medicare.

HighPoint Patient Services recently launched an outreach effort to collaborate with local physicians who don™t have easy access to the new technology. We are hosting Lunar iDXA„ demonstrations in September and October in Celebration of World Osteoporosis Day. Doctors who treat the elderly, patients with cancer, bone disorders, arthritis or women on hormone replacement therapy should call for more details, says Dr. Van Beest.

In addition to improving quality of life and longevity for those at risk of osteoporosis, earlier and more accurate detection reduces the economic burden of the estimated $17 billion in annual health care costs needed nationally to treat osteoporosis-related fractures, a figure found in the 2008 National Osteoporosis Foundation Clinicians Guide.

To register for a Lunar iDXA„ demonstration call David Greig at (817) 417-8782.


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Texas patients who are at risk for osteoporosis now have access to more accurate bone density diagnostic device.

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