Thirty years after developing her successful, global seaweed-based skin-care brand Repêchage, company founder and skin-care expert Lydia Sarfati has launched a natural, paraben-free aromatherapy-spa line called Kanshi®. Inspired by Sarfati’s worldwide travels and drawing on traditional African ingredients and exotic scents, the range aims to provide a sensual skin-care experience in salons and at home through its range of 13 new facial, body and lifestyle products.

After leading the industry for three decades, Sarfati said the decision to branch into the aromatherapy-spa market came naturally. The need was recognized for high-quality products capturing the essence of spa ritual treatments at affordable prices, while still providing great results.

Fondly regarded as ‘the comfort food of skin care’ by Repêchage Vice President Shiri Sarfati, the range features the finest natural, paraben-free ingredients from juicy mango and papaya to nourishing coconut and shea butter as well as a range of teas, living up to Kanshi’s African translation of “aromatic” or “beautifully scented,” providing a head to aromatic toe beauty experience.

Facial care

Specially formulated for the complexion, the collection of Kanshi® Facial Care products work to moisturize, soothe, nourish and protect skin while boosting long-term hydration. The range is infused with juicy mango and papaya extracts to condition and improve the skin’s texture, nourishing coconut oil and shea butter for skin renewal benefits. It also features energizing green, white and African rooibos teas along with palm oil and carrot juice give skin antioxidant protection, while ingredients like natural loofah, salts, coconut pulp and coconut shell, exfoliate dead cells, leaving skin luminous. The six products in the facial care collection include a:

  • Replenishing Cream Cleanser (8 ounces; $19.50) – A lightweight, gentle cleanser infused with mango and papaya extracts plus coconut oil for soft, luminous skin.
  • Coconut Facial Exfoliator (10 ounces; $25) –Packed with natural coconut to gently exfoliate, hydrate and smooth skin.
  • Resurfacing Toner (8 ounces; $19.50) – Balancing and refreshing with gently exfoliating beta hydroxy acid and soothing, antioxidant-rich African rooibos tea.
  • Moisturizing Face Cream (4 ounces; $25) – Bursting with shea butter and vitamin E to moisturise and give a boost of long-term hydration.
  • Hydrating Silk Masque (4 ounces; $25) – Featuring natural silk proteins, shea butter and an antioxidant protecting blend of tea and mango juice, this rich, creamy formula smoothes and repairs skin.
  • Deep Cleansing Cucumber Facial Masque (4 ounces; $25) – Natural cucumber and mint help to refine oily skin providing a deep cleanse leaving skin smooth.

Body care

Then to revive the body, hands and feet, Kanshi™ has developed a range of five natural body-care items. Packed with natural ingredients like moisturising cocoa and mango butters, cooling and hydrating mint, antimicrobial lemon myrtle, antioxidant and beta carotene rich carrot, soybean, sesame and palm oils, this collection of eight lotions, creams, oils, sprays and scrubs will buff and beautify the body whilst leaving skin smelling gorgeously exotic. Featuring a:

  • Salted Mango Hand & Body Scrub (10 ounces; $19) – Packed with sea salts and natural loofah to exfoliate away dryness, this fruity scrub will reveal smoother, younger looking skin.
  • Salted Coconut Body Scrub (10 ounces; $19) – Sea salts and coconut shells combine to thoroughly exfoliate and renew for touchably silky smooth skin.
  • Moisturizing Body Lotion (8 ounces; $17) – This lightweight, non-greasy formula contains antioxidant-rich palm oil and cocoa as well as mango butters to replenish moisture.
  • Naturally Healing Massage Oil (8 ounces; $16) – Enriched with vitamin E, beta carotene and containing essential fatty acids to help rebuild the skin barrier as well as soybean, coconut and sesame oil this cream leaves skin smooth and soft.
  • Instantly Refreshing Foot Spray (4 ounces; $10) – The refreshing triple mint formula soothes and cools whilst horse chestnut improves circulation and lemon myrtle provides natural anti-microbial properties for fresh, fabulous feet.


Finally, to transport the senses to an African spa, Kanshi™ has launched two lifestyle products a Mimosa Room Spray (8 ounces; $17) and Mimosa Candle (5 ounces; $18) to fill the atmosphere with an alluring, floral aroma creating the ideal atmosphere for any blissful beauty treat!

For further information on the new Kanshi™ line, visit or call (800) 248-7546.