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Being able to efficiently and accurately manage client relationships can drive your massage practice to new levels of success.

If you’re like many massage therapists, you may feel you are too busy providing massage to focus on actively building these relationships, or you engage in relationship-building inconsistently, whenever you find the time.

Think about the time you spend each day:

  • making appointment reminder calls to ensure clients don’t turn into no-shows;
  • following up on clients’ birthdays or specific events when they might want to re-visit;
  • sending product information and recommendations to clients based on products they have purchased;
  • updating and organizing client information for a targeted marketing campaign.

It’s tempting to believe you can handle all of this by yourself, or delegate it to your front desk person, if you have one. But these are all repetitive tasks—so wouldn’t it make more sense to automate them? Repeated processes for any employee or business owner become tiresome, boring and ultimately lead to lower morale.

Imagine the amount of time you can save while guaranteeing all follow-ups and appointment reminders are happening at the right time. You, or you and your employees, can focus on what’s truly valuable by performing massage, serving clients, marketing, managing inventory and selling retail products.

To solve client relationship-management problems, lots of companies are turning to cloud-based online appointment scheduling software. Here are six reasons you should consider online appointment scheduling for your massage business.


1. Stay in Touch with Clients, Even When You’re Busy

Appointment scheduling software can communicate with your clients via voice calls, text messages and emails on your behalf.


2. You Can Ditch Your Appointment Book

Clients are able to see you and your staff’s availability and make appointments online; they can also view future and historical appointment details at any time.


3. Scheduling Appointments Online Makes Your Website Super Useful

Most appointment scheduling programs allow easy integration into your existing website. You can create your own custom company widget and embed it into your home page or Facebook page, without having to be an expert with code.


4. Get Paid Without Hassle

Take online payments via credit, debit, PayPal or other ways. You can also set up recurring appointments and payments for clients you see regularly, so they don’t have to go through the booking process for every appointment.


5. Check Your Schedule from Anywhere

Most online appointment scheduling software is accessible on multiple devices, both mobile and desktop, so it’s available to you everywhere at any time as long as you have Internet access.


6. Analyze Client Trends

What’s common for this type of software is that it is able to collect a lot of data about your clients—how often they return, what they buy, and many other things—and generate reports so that you can translate that data into meaningful information. Instead of relying on your gut instinct for making critical business decisions, you can turn to your measured client data.

With automated online appointment scheduling software, you can do things that you could never accomplish with manual work, and you will gain new insights to help with your business development and marketing strategy.


About the Author

Jae Choi, a founder and director of Appointie, an online automated appointment scheduling program, is a software developer with years of experience working on a variety of online software applications for large companies. Appointie was founded in August 2014 and has a growing customer base, relying mostly on customers’ word-of-mouth.