Branford, CT (PRWEB) November 11, 2009 – Acara, a leading aesthetic medical consulting firm has implemented aesthetic educational events for its clients generating over $1.5 million in sales over the past six months. At any given time Acara is supporting over 25 medical practices and medspas throughout the U.S. with marketing, sales and operational programs to boost their business, taking them to breakeven, profitability or beyond.

Educational events are a key element to Acara’s marketing strategies that drive client success. These events create market excitement, provide a sense of urgency, foster teamwork and focus management on the planning process necessary for a great marketing program.

Acara’s recent client successes include a physician owned medical spa that achieved over $20 thousand in event sales during their very first educational seminar with monthly sales 500 percent greater than their average. A Dermatology practice achieved almost $60 thousand in event sales for their first seminar with monthly sales exceeding their average by almost 300 percent.

Acara’s greatest client success to date has been a Medical Spa where aesthetic educational seminars have become the cornerstone of the marketing program. They have tripled their sales over the past 12 months making them one of the most financially successful Medical Spas in the United States.

“It has been essential for us to change the way we do business with more competition and the change in the economy. We couldn’t have accomplished this type of increase in business without Acara’s recommendation to incorporate laser lipolysis events into our marketing program.” states Mrs. Sona H., Medical Spa Owner and Acara client

“Our client success, even in this downturn economy, proves that efficient management and effective marketing implemented consistently increases sales for Aesthetic Medical businesses.” comments Francis X. Acunzo, CEO & Founder of Acara, “The most successful Medical Practices and Medspas that utilize educational events understand that events are not the sole marketing strategy, but a critical tactic to the success of an overall marketing program.”

Acara offers a Business Boosting Program that focuses on a three pronged marketing, sales and operations approach to increase Medical Spa or Aesthetic Medical Practice sales and profits. It is through Acara’s experience working with over 100 Medspas and Aesthetic Medical Practices that it has created these successful business strategies. Acara’s Business Boosting Program:

1. Implements a marketing plan to drive leads

2. Builds a sales system to capture and convert leads to clients

3. Insures the operation runs efficiently and effectively with a focus on quality clinical procedures and customer service to build repeat and referral business.

About Acara Partners:

Acara offers turnkey solutions to owners, operators, physicians and investors seeking to develop, manage and market their Aesthetic Medical Practice, Medical Spa or Wellness Center. Acara is led by industry leader Francis X. Acunzo and his team of expert consultants with over 25 years of retail healthcare, medical spa and wellness experience. To learn more visit: or for insight into Acara’s business savvy visit our blog at