Almost every food item you buy at the grocery store has a nutritional facts label. Wouldn™t it be helpful if you could have ONE nutritional facts label for an entire meal? The Pacific Life Meal Nutrition Calculator has been launched to help you create a single nutrition facts label for your entire meal. Typically, a person would need to research the nutritional value of each ingredient contained in their meal and then add them together. This calculator does all of that for you.

The Pacific Life Meal Nutrition Calculator was developed to help consumers gain a better understanding of the nutritional facts (i.e., calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, etc.) of an entire meal. Its features include:

  • Nutritional label for an entire meal
  • Comparison of the meal™s nutritional values to a recommended daily intake
  • Lists of commonly prepared meals
  • Menu items of popular fast food outlets
  • Search feature
  • Quick estimate of the amount of exercise needed to burn off the calories contained in the meal

We encourage you to explore this new calculator on our Web site at the following link:

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