Finding various ways to add value to each massage therapy or bodywork session you provide can be a wonderful method for making clients feel even more pampered than usual, which can lead to more repeat customers and better word-of-mouth for you and your practice.

One of the issues with adding value to massage therapy or bodywork sessions, however, may be that the practitioner cannot afford to spend the extra money necessary for an upgraded massage table or to learn a new technique. Fortunately, there are ways to add a real sense of value to each massage therapy or bodywork session without spending much money at all.

Start by considering your massage cream. That is correct—you can add value to your services through your massage cream. There are actually several ways in which you can do this, and we will review a few of them here. Hopefully, this brief overview will provide the proper creative springboard for your own ideas about how to bring an added sense of value to each session with your massage cream.

One simple way to show your clients how much you care about their well-being and their experience on your table is to tell them about the massage cream you will be using during the session. So many massage therapists and bodyworkers fail to mention anything about the massage cream they use, which means any added values this massage cream may bring go unnoticed by the client.

For example, if you are going to use a massage cream that contains certain ingredients for luxurious hydration, such as shea butter or jojoba oils, then make a point of telling each client about the moisturizing benefits of the massage cream for his or her skin. This can be especially powerful if you live and work in a particularly dry area or if it happens to be winter at the time.

You can express the benefits and added value provided by your massage cream either by informing your clients of these perks at the start of the session or by including a blurb about the massage cream on any marketing materials for your practice, such as the massage or bodywork menu. Of course, many massage therapists and bodyworkers may choose to do both.

To boost the client pampering even further, try to find a small selection of different massage creams for your practice. When you have an array of massage creams to choose from, you can tell your client about each massage cream and its specific benefits, allowing the client to play a role in selecting the massage cream used for the session. You can also add information about each of these massage creams to your marketing material, letting prospective clients know they have a choice when it comes to the type of massage cream used in each session.

As an example, you might choose to offer one massage cream that is completely natural and organic with absolutely no scents or synthetic ingredients. You may also choose to offer a massage cream that contains a blend of soothing essential oils, for the added value of aromatherapy, and also a massage cream that contains some type of pain-relieving ingredient, for those clients who suffer from more acute aches and pains.