MM_pamperFrom weaving in a new modality to tapping the benefits of heated tools, there are several ways to add value to the massage therapy sessions you offer. Adding value essentially means giving your clients more satisfaction and a greater sense of pampering in their appointments. In turn, you can begin to charge more for the increased value of these sessions, and, ideally, take your income up a few notches.

A simple way to boost the experience is to search for massage creams that bring added value to the table in and of themselves. When you can find high-quality products, you can build your sessions around them—and always be sure to let your clients know that you are providing access to top-of-the-line products and services.

One method of adding value through massage cream may be through the use of creams that contain pain-relieving ingredients. Typically, these ingredients will be Arnica montana or menthol. When you find a high-quality product that can help relieve pain, you can offer clients a massage therapy or bodywork session built to alleviate more acute aches and pains.

It is not enough to simply create and offer a new service using a specific massage cream. It is important to convey the added value to clients so they can make sense of any increases in price. Within your marketing materials, be sure to mention how the massage cream will work to relax tense muscles so your hands-on techniques can further melt the tension and pain.

Another common way to increase the sense of pampering is to use a cream that contains essential oils for an element of aromatherapy. Again, it is not enough to simply offer this service. In order to drive home the concept of added value, be sure to craft marketing materials that will help your clients understand the benefits of aromatherapy. This way, clients may have more motivation to pay a little extra to receive your services using a massage cream that contains essential oils.

There are quite a few methods to getting creative when it comes to pampering your clients. Continue to search for high-quality massage creams and brainstorm different ways you can use these products to pamper your clients.

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