Father’s Day is June 18, and what better way to show dad you care than with a session of relaxation and nurturance. Massage combined with spa therapies is the perfect gift.

Male Spa Customers

The idea that the spa is a place where only women go to pamper themselves is antiquated. Over the last several years, the number of spa visits by male clients has increased dramatically. According to the International Spa Association’s 2014 Consumer Snapshot Initiative, a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, men now represent 47 percent of U.S. spa guests.

“The number one reason both men and women visit a spa worldwide is to learn how to manage their stress,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees, in a press release. “Men and women may deal with stress in different ways, but surprisingly, they both find spas as an outlet.”

In reaction to this trend, spa managers and owners have made some adjustments to the decor, esthetic, feel and menu of services at their locations. They have opted for a gender-neutral feel of their space and have added services that prospective male customers want. Massage therapists in private practice can easily cater to a male clientele as well.

While men are more likely to go to the spa now than ever before, they still avoid overly feminine spa environments. Make these potential customers feel comfortable at your spa or massage practice by trading feminine, nurturing decor for a more earthy or neutral decor. Men appreciate warm color tones, earthy textures and stone. Use warm scents like sandalwood or citrus as aromatherapy offerings instead of floral or sweeter scents.

Spa Services for Men

Some of the most notable changes spas have made due to the shift in client demographics are the options on their service menus. Male spa customers are looking for services that boost their overall well-being, soothe overworked muscles and highlight their physique. Their goals aren’t necessarily receiving the spa experience but achieving the desired results from the service.

You can create a separate menu for male clients and give it its own identity, including male images and a manly design. Be sure to include simple treatment descriptions focusing on concerns men commonly experience and the benefits they will gain from the treatment.

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Deep tissue and sports massage are must-haves for any Father’s Day spa promotion because they satisfy a key objective for most male clients: accomplishing a specific goal. Targeted, focused therapeutic massage for the propose of releasing overworked muscles is a favorite of many male massage therapy clients. Highlight the benefits of receiving this type of treatment to encourage men to schedule this service.

Deep tissue and sports massage have been effective in the treatment of chronic back pain, the reduction of chronic high blood pressure; the reduction of stress and anxiety; relieving chronically tight, overworked muscles; breaking up scar tissue; aiding in athletic recovery, as well as, reducing the symptoms associated with arthritis and stiff joints

Heat Treatments

Another modality men use regularly is heat therapy, which can be easily added to your Father’s Day promotion. If you have a traditional sauna available at your practice, encourage male clients to reap the benefits of this dry heat application.

Some time spent in a sauna is great for relaxation of tired, sore muscles and lowering blood pressure. If you don’t have a sauna at your disposal don’t worry. With a hot towel cabi and some spa towels, you can easily offer a moist heat steam treatment. Steam applications will help with overall detoxification of the body while soothing aching muscles.


A combination of sweaty workouts, outdoor sports and a general lack of attention can create clogged pores and breakouts on areas other than the face. A purifying mask and a moisturizing massage can create complete skin revitalization and an anti-aging effect.

You can also incorporate the healing properties of water treatments. Encourage clients to re-energize their tired muscles with a relaxing Epsom foot soak, an invigorating back, leg and foot exfoliation treatment.


A male client scheduling a facial was once a rarity but is now becoming more and more popular. Men’s facials are formulated to the unique needs of men’s skin and usually deal with problems men regularly face, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs, dullness and sensitivity. Some treatments may target skin that has been damaged by the elements like sun and wind, some target acne and some target aging.

Create a facial treatment that will effectively renew skin tone and texture, cleanse pores, soothe irritation, and hydrate skin with a customized facial for male clients leaving their skin rejuvenated, firm and revitalized.

Product, Gift Card & Package Sales

The sale of home-care products can be a vital additional stream of revenue for you and your business. Fortunately, there are many professional spa brands that offer male-specific products.

If you want to attract more men to your spa, you must have a line of products that target male customers. For a Father’s Day promotion, have a build-a-gift basket sale similar to those traditionally sold for mom.

Offer a few different options where your clients can choose a gift card or package as well as a few different products. Set the prices of these at a discounted rate based off the value of the gift card, package and the products chosen.

Your Promotional Campaign

Even with the increase in male clientele at spas, the majority of spa customers are female. For an effective Father’s Day campaign, these female clients—mothers, wives and fiancés—will be deciding to make the purchase for a special male in their lives.

When attempting to promote any campaign, an integral piece of the puzzle is capturing the attention of prospective customers.

And who better to target than the clients already investing time and money at your location?

Update your displays and signage in your treatment rooms, service desk and waiting areas to capture their interest in your current promotion. As current clients, they already understand the value of your service, and they just need to be told.

When deciding what to include and where to display your signage, make sure to be bold in your promotional approach. Window signs, shelf signs and waiting areas with tasteful displays that convey your message are a must.

Another important area to display your current sales is the all-important reception area.

After your clients have received an incredible service at your location, there shouldn’t be a shred of doubt about the fact that you are running a Father’s Day promotion and that your display is the solution for a Father’s Day gift.

Website Sales & Promotion

Using your website to promote your campaign and sell gift cards or packages should already be an integral piece of your business practice. By limiting your gift card and package sales to your business hours, you are missing out on huge profit potential that requires little to no effort on your part.

Update your website pages and gift card/package descriptions frequently to maintain interest in your website and draw in potential customers. Make the purchasing process as easy and streamlined as possible. Your customers can still “shop local” for gifts while shopping online.

Package Sales

Package selling is the act of putting multiple services together to pitch to a prospective customer. Maximizing your revenue potential with package sales as opposed to standard gift card sales is also a great way to keep new clients coming back throughout the year. To be able to package sell, you need to have multiple services or products to offer, and you need to create packages targeted to attract the demographic you’re hoping to attract.

When first creating your packages, it really helps to keep things simple and start with just a few basic combinations. Let’s say you offer therapeutic massage, facials, sauna treatments, hydrotherapy, and add-ons like hot stone or warm bamboo. Start small with a therapeutic massage and add-ons like aromatherapy, a dry-room scrub or mud, or a foot treatment.

Then, all you have to do is identify the client’s needs in order to know which package to offer.  By only having a couple packages to understand at first, you will know the total pricing, and the elements involved in the services. If you create too many package options, you may become confused, thereby confusing your prospective customer.

An added bonus of selling packages as opposed to standard gift cards is the opportunity to take the focus off the price and shift it to the present as a whole. As much as we all love receiving gift cards, some customers may be turned off by the recipient knowing exactly how much they’ve spent on their gift. For these customers, omit the dollar amount of the purchase and highlight the service they have received.

Seize the Potential

With Father’s Day approaching, massage therapists should take the opportunity to appeal to male customers and seize the potential for an increase in revenue.

While the male grooming industry continues to grow in appeal and sales, the opportunity to bring more men into your spa or massage practice will grow, too. Catering your retail and service menu to attract men will not only increase your revenue, but it will also increase your loyal client base so your business can continue grow.


Sarah MacDonald is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and co-owner of Cape Cod Massage. In 2005 she attended the Body Therapy Institute to study massage & bodywork therapy. She currently offers pregnancy, spa techniques, hot & cold stone, business & marketing, ethics & body mechanics CEU courses all of which are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.