Park City Detox, A Holistic Detox Resort that specializes in Alternative Medicines that provides customized detoxification therapy, has updated and relaunched their website at http://www.ParkCityDetox

Utah, June 23 — Park City contains one of the most effective Drug Detoxification Clinics in the nation, Park City Detox. Not just a clinic, this luxury retreat has developed a uniquely personalized “Clean Life Detox Method”. This tailored way of dealing with the attributions of addiction has been more effective than any other type of detoxification treatment in the industry. Park City Detox is staffed with over 60 years of experience with Dr.’s specializing in Traditional Treatments, Holistic and Alternative Medicines. Using this “Clean Life Detox Method” in combination with acupuncture and acupressure for Pain Relief is just one of the effective personalized Holistic Detox techniques that Park City has to offer.

For anyone who is looking for an escape from a damaging lifestyle, or even just a rejuvenating vacation from an over stressed one, Park City Detox is the place to go. Offering organic gourmet cuisine and luxury 5 star lodging, the actual City is a world class sporting and vacation destination. So from needing to overhaul your life to just cleaning out your system from the chemicals in our everyday, over processed foods, you can find a custom form of detoxification to suit your every needs.

“In this day and age, almost all of us have been exposed to the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction, either personally or through the lives of others,” says Dr. Marcus Ettinger, Park City Detox founder. “We have integrated the best and most effective aspects of holistic, traditional, and drug detoxification therapies, to create a one-of-a-kind alcohol and drug detoxification program. We call this integrative approach the Clean Life Detox™ method.”

Visitors of the website will find valuable information on topics like personalized detoxification treatments, Holistic and Alternative Medicines, Pain Relief Therapy, Vitamin Replenishment and different types of Drug & Alcohol Treatments. Also on the site is a thorough description of their techniques and the services that are offered, and an informative blog.

The Web Site will be updated frequently and Park City Detox is planning on adding some exciting new content. Aggressive marketing for will begin shortly.

About Park City Detox: Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Park City Utah, this Luxury Detox Resort offers recreational outdoor activities as part of your Clean Life Detox. Founded in 1992, specialized Holistic Medicines and Alternative Treatments combined with Pain Relief Therapy and Vitamin Replenishment make Park City Detox one of the most effective Detox Retreats in the Nation.