HOUSTON, Jan. 19, 2010 — PatientCentral Technologies LLC just released Wellness ToolBoxTM, a new self-health and wellness feature of MyHealthArchiveTM.

Dr. Al Davies, CEO, says, “The best way to promote good behavior is to shine a light on it. MyGraphs is your personal floodlight. Wellness Tools gets you to pay attention, and once you are paying attention, you are more likely to do the things necessary to sustain your wellness. Both healthy and sick people need to use these tools.”

The Wellness ToolBox is great as a stand-alone, health-management tool, or it can be integrated with any wellness, fitness or health-maintenance system a person is already using.

MyCalendar is a private calendar for health and personal matters. You can set e-mail alerts for upcoming health and wellness events, such as reminders on medications, appointments and exercise. MyGraphs shows how your wellness program works and when it might be slipping. MyLogs shows how healthy you really are. Using MyGraphs and MyLogs together reveals the relationship between what you eat and your blood sugar, blood pressure, need for medication, weight, waist, etc. Select food choices from a database of more than 7,000 foods, even fast foods, to record food intake. Exercise Log calculates and tracks activity to be correlated with weight loss, blood pressure and blood sugar to give enormous insight into health performance. The Prepare Physician Visit Form enables people to formulate their thoughts in advance, to assemble their health records, to log their questions and keep track of the answers.

Wellness ToolBox promotes healthiness by following MyHealthArchive’s mantra: measure, monitor, maximize.

Measure yourself: your body fat, body mass index, heart rate, blood pressure, what you eat, blood sugar, etc. Monitor how the good measurements persist and how the bad measurements worsen over time. Then maximize your plan to stay in with the good and out with the bad. Wellness ToolBox asks: Why spend money on diets, fitness, exercise, trainers and the like, and still have no idea what direction you are going? Are you really getting healthier? How do you know? Have a plan, and start the plan with effective tools to measure, monitor and maximize. And then keep doing it!

Wellness ToolBox is part of the sophisticated MyHealthArchive suite providing a state-of-the-art personal health information management system to not only securely store personal information, but also to bring information to life to be used every day to promote wellness. All information and services are available anywhere in the world via Internet access, so they remain useful in disasters, during travel and day to day. MyHealthArchive is a strong tool empowering patients in the Medical Home concept of high-quality, patient-centric care.

Wellness ToolBox is available directly to consumers or discounted through employers, unions, physicians’ offices and other groups as part of wellness plans.

Valerie Purcell, R.N., M.B.A., vice president of business development, says, “Do something about your health. Promote your own wellness and actually be healthier. Keep track of how you are really doing. Don’t wait for next New Year’s to make a resolution. Do something now.”

For further information, contact Al Davies, M.D., PatientCentral Technologies LLC, (866) 436-6110, ext. 101.