Chemotherapy is still the number one treatment when treating a variety of cancers. While it can be extremely effective in treating cancer, very often, there are unwanted side effects like hair loss, weight loss and debilitating nausea or vomiting. Many patients have had great success treating their Chemotherapy nausea with BioBands acupressure wristbands, a clinically tested, drug free alternative.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 12, 2009 — Despite great advances in the fight against many cancers, the primary cancer treatment is chemotherapy, which can have debilitating side effects for patients. Two of the most concerning side effects are chemotherapy nausea and vomiting because they affect a patient’s ability to eat and feel strong and healthy.

Many medical practitioners will turn to drugs to alleviate chemotherapy nausea and vomiting, not realizing that there is a healthy, drug free way that is proven to work. BioBands acupressure wristbands, offer a patented, clinically tested, drug free alternative that works immediately.

“There have been several clinical studies demonstrating that BioBands are an effective, natural remedy for chemotherapy nausea,” explains Carl Nicholson from BioBands. “We also have received loads of anecdotal evidence from patients stating that the BioBands worked much better and faster than the anti nausea medications that their physicians were prescribing.”

“BioBands is a completely safe alternative to the anti nausea drugs. In fact, many of those drugs come with negative sides effects like dizziness, drowsiness, and blurred vision. BioBands are side effect free,” Nicholson continues.

BioBands is an adjustable wristband that applies continuous acupressure to the P-6 acupressure point at the wrist to relieve nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy. The BioBand has a bead sewn into the wristband, this bead is positioned at a precise point on either wrist, and then the band is tightened snugly so that it applies a constant pressure to this point, located on the inner forearm just above the wrist.

Despite its effectiveness, to treat their chemotherapy nausea, patients will have to supply their own BioBands. Anyone fighting cancer is encouraged to visit the BioBands website to learn more about how BioBands are the only adjustable acupressure wristband that is patented and has FDA marketing clearance for chemotherapy nausea.

Designed and patented by an American Board Certified obstetrician and gynecologist, a BioBands wristband is a safe, simple, effective and inexpensive way of relieving nausea utilizing acupressure – a natural pressure therapy applied to a specific acupuncture point that controls nausea and vomiting.

Drug-free BioBands are easy to use and have no side effects. Simply place the adjustable band correctly on either wrist. A built in bead provides customized pressure at the P6 acupressure point on the underside of the wrist. This gentle pressure interrupts the signals that trigger nausea.

This patented, clinically-proven, and FDA cleared remedy for nausea is now easily available online @