ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — PBS unveils an overhauled, restyled and significantly enhanced PBS Parents Web site (, with the centerpiece being the introduction of a wide-ranging parenting blog written by the "Supersisters" — three mom-savvy, engaging sisters that give a real-world perspective on parenting.

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The new PBS Parents also opens the curtains on a comprehensive guide to Understanding and Raising Girls. Similar to the existing PBS Parents guide to Raising Boys, this new resource offers tools and guidance to help understand young girls' inner and outer worlds and how to help them grow up to be powerful, self-confident, and self-aware.

The guide to Raising Girls also includes information on helping girls develop a positive body image, strategies for helping girls understand the influences of the media, ways to help girls navigate friendships and social life, and more. This guide joins other popular guides currently on the site, including the guides to Raising Boys, Talking with Kids, Children and Media, Reading and Language, Going to School and many others. These guides and other resources on PBS Parents support the positive development of the whole child – – cognitive, social, emotional and physical.

Supersisters Blog

Numbers one, two and three of a family of four girls, Jen Lemen, Kristen Hammond and Patience Salgado have eight children among them, ranging from almost-born to ten-years-old. These three sisters — each with her own parenting style — will blog on PBS Parents about their kids' milestones and antics, and their own adventures through the unpredictable journey of motherhood.

Kristen Hammond said, "With PBS as an integral part of our childhood and growing up, blogging on PBS Parents with my sisters Jen and Patience, seems like coming home. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a strong community of parents who want to be the best parents they can be."

"The same little girls who watched PBS as children are now parents!" added Patience Salgado. "It's so great to be part of the PBS team that impacted us so long ago and now will reach our generation in a different stage of life through 'Supersisters'."

"PBS Parents has always been a trusted reference resource for parents, but now parents themselves will have a voice — or, rather, three voices — on the site as well," said Jean Crawford, Director, PBS Parents. "I'm delighted to add these three unique bloggers to our site. Jen, Kristen and Patience will bring fresh, offbeat perspectives and an engaging presence to the entire PBS Parents community. PBS Parents offers a wide range of tools, resources and advice for parents to help them guide their children towards success in school and in life and now site visitors can join the conversation, get ideas and share advice with other parents going through the same stages of parenthood."

PBS Parents features extensive information about children's development from birth through the early school years, as well as educational activities for children to help get them ready for school. Visitors can also find information about their children's favorite PBS KIDS programs, educational activities related to PBS KIDS programs, explanations of educational goals and tips for throwing a PBS KIDS birthday party. In addition, site visitors can interact with experts on a wide range of parenting topics through the PBS Parents Expert Q&A.

PBS Parents will add more blogs over the next year, providing an even larger platform for visitors to take part in conversations around different parenting issues. PBS Parents will also add to its healthy content currently on the site by creating a Healthy Kids section that will include more ideas and strategies for motivating kids to make smart food choices and be active.

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