COLTON, California (Feb. 24, 2011):   Penta Water, the number one bottled water in the Natural Channel, announces new consumer messaging, asking consumers to “Join the Revolution.” Penta is focusing on the term “revolution” as a way to more effectively communicate its unique 13-step, 11-hour patented purification process that actually includes high speed “spinning” or “revolution” of the water.

Launching a revolution in advanced hydration is easy for the high velocity Penta Water Brand that leads all others in the Packaged Waters category in the Natural Channel. In fact, according to SPINS, the source of quantifiable information on Natural Channel sales, Penta was number one and two in total dollar sales for the 52-weeks ending December, 2010, and has four of the top ten U.S. sales rank positions in the natural category. That’s more than any other water.

What’s the secret to the brand’s market leadership? According to Michael Dunn, Chief Operating Officer of the category leader, “There are many factors, but the most important is Penta’s patented advanced hydration process. It is what delivers on the promise to provide superior lifestyle benefits that consumers simply won’t find in other bottled waters. That is the revolutionary difference which places Penta head and shoulders above the other brands.”

Dunn explained that Penta Water is the only bottled water to use a 13-step, eleven-hour process to provide purity, performance and wellness to consumers. He said Penta combines high speed spinning with pressure to reduce water into smaller water clusters. The innovative spin makes it possible for advanced hydration to take effect and speeds absorption into the body. Smaller water clusters of ultra pure water enable hydration to take place faster with Penta Water.

Almost all purified waters use reverse osmosis to remove impurities and contaminants, but that’s as far as they go. Penta Water employs a 13-step process, including Ultra Violet light to kill bacteria and microbes; micron filtration to remove solids; deionization to alleviate ions; ozonation to add oxygen during the bottling process, and cavitation, which is the high speed spin and pressure that breaks down the water into smaller clusters and fosters faster absorption into the body.

“The bottom line for the consumer is hydration enhanced performance that leads to wellness,” said Dunn. “Penta is the cleanest and best-tasting water for and active lifestyle. There is no better water than Penta.”

Penta’s overall mission is to deliver the purest, best-tasting water in the world. The company is dedicated to excellence, integrity, innovation and the growth of the Penta brand. UPG is committed to Penta’s retail partners and to provide each one with service that exceeds expectations.

Today, Penta Water is available in more than 3,500 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, The Fresh Market, Sprouts and many health food stores. It is sold internationally, including in Australia, Canada and Japan. Penta supplies water to professional football and soccer teams, as well as to professional tri-athletes, baseball and basketball players.

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