Peppermint Oil, Fiber Used to Treat IBS, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipWhat do peppermint oil and fiber have in common? According to WebMD Health News, a recent review of research shows these largely-overlooked natural remedies are effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The research, according to researcher Alexander C. Ford, M.D., confirms peppermint oil and fiber, along with some antispasmodic drugs that are no longer widely prescribed, work well in treating IBS, and they are less toxic than some of the newer drugs used to treat this condition.

Based on research data, it was estimated one in two-and-a-half patients would receive significant relief of symptoms by using peppermint oil, compared to one in five patients using antispasmodic drugs and one in 11 taking fiber.

Overall, it was concluded psyllium-fiber therapy is a good first-line treatment for constipation-predominant IBS, while peppermint oil and the antispasmodic drug scopolamine are good choices for diarrhea-predominant IBS.

The review appeared in a recent issue of BMJ Online First.

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