The power of Biofreeze while on the go

Performance Health Announces Biofreeze Pain Relieving Singles, MASSAGE MagazineAkron, Ohio – May 20, 2011 – Performance Health has expanded its Biofreeze® product line with the introduction of Biofreeze Pain Relieving Singles, the perfect complement to at-home and in-clinic Biofreeze applications. This innovative packaging provides the power of Biofreeze in an ultra portable, no mess application providing pain relief—anytime, anywhere. Simply snap open the small pouch, apply Biofreeze to the painful area and continue with daily activities. The new Biofreeze Pain Relieving Singles will be available June 1, 2011.

Three top benefits including:

  1. Nothing on the hands. 
  2. Easy to dispose. 
  3. Fits anywhere.

“We are very excited to launch this truly innovative addition to our highly respected and effective Biofreeze product family,” stated Jeff Mathers, product manager for Performance Health. “Pain can strike at inconvenient times and inconvenient places, and it’s not always feasible for patients to carry our larger patient-sized Biofreeze products. We encourage hands-on health care practitioners to recommend Biofreeze Singles as a complement the patient-sized products so that patients are protected no matter where they go. This stamp-sized packet fits in a wallet or purse and provides immediate access to Biofreeze pain relief. Even when patients are on-the-go, they don’t have to wait to treat pain.”

Biofreeze Pain Reliever is the number one clinically-used and recommended topical analgesic. It delivers targeted pain relief with the benefits of cryotherapy (cold therapy). Doctors, therapists and patients are shifting toward topical analgesics and away from systemic pain relievers, which can affect the gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidneys and other organs, as well as cognition. Conversely, topical analgesics deliver targeted pain relief with low levels of systemic absorption, which may result in less risk for systemic toxicity and/or drug interaction(1).

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Singles are available in a 10-count box with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $10. In support of this product launch, free Biofreeze Singles samples will be attached to patient-sized Biofreeze tubes, roll-ons and spray while supplies last.

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1. Stanos W. Overview of topical analgesics. Pain Medicine News. 2009 Feb: 1-6