Performance Health Sponsors Event to Educate Youth on Staying Healthy, MASSAGE MagazineFifteen-day world-class running event provided education to American’s underserved youths on the benefits of staying healthy.

Akron, OH. Performance Health, manufacturer and marketer of Biofreeze®, TheraBand™, Cramer® and Perform® health and wellness products, sponsored the March 2014 Run It Forward tour. A donation of Biofreeze, TheraBand, Cramer and Perform products supported the elite runners’ training, performance and recovery needs during the 15-day event. Run It Forward (RIF) educates America’s underserved youth on the benefits of staying physically and mentally healthy, and the resulting impact it can have on their education.

Focused on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the RIF tour impacted schools that were pummeled by Hurricane Katrina and have yet to recover. The 1,500 mile trek began on March 2 in Orlando, Florida, and finished at Port Isabelle, Texas, on March 16. Each day, after individually running between eight and 18 miles, the RIF team stopped at underserved schools and presented an assembly on empowerment and wellness with the message of “I’m possible vs. impossible”. Inspirational presentations were given by RIF founder, former Oakland Raiderette and ultra runner Erika Small; motivational speaker, author and ultra runner Jason Harper; and Grammy-nominated rock star from the band Papa Roach and RIF participant Jacoby Shaddix. Following the assembly, the team hosted a 3K Fun Run for the students and provided the schools with a self-contained after school program called Project FIT.

“Run It Forward brings together amazing people who are passionate about health, fitness and the well-being of kids. We are extremely proud of this unique running event that showcases the benefits of staying healthy,” stated RIF participant Mike Cicero, P.T., Wellfit Group. “We also take pride in being an organization that is run 100-percent by volunteers. This means that all of the monies invested go directly to raising awareness and resources for underserved schools. Our success truly stems from partnering with great companies like Performance Health.

“After hours of running on hurricane-ravaged roads, Biofreeze, Cramer, TheraBand and Perform products made it possible for us to continue day after day and to deliver on what we promised … hope,” continued Cicero. “Their extensive and extraordinary assortment of products truly made the seemingly impossible, possible for us. The team could not have recovered without the use of Performance Health products.”

Throughout the 15 days, the runners used many Cramer products (compression sleeves, kinesiology tape, Atomic Balm, knee braces and anti-friction balm) for performance enhancement. To enhance recovery, they used the TheraBand Roller Massager+ and Cramer Cool Towels. To manage pain and treat injury, they relied on Biofreeze (clinical topical analgesic), TheraBand, Cramer, and Perform (consumer retail topical analgesic) products including Biofreeze 360 Spray, TheraBand Stretch Straps and Foot Rollers, Perform Pain Relieving Singles, and Cramer Blisterderm and Blisterfoam. All the donated products stayed organized during the trip in Cramer durable athletic trainer kits.

“Performance Health now owns a number of different brands that come together in a full spectrum of athlete support. It wasn’t surprising to hear that the RIF team relied on a number of our products and regularly used Biofreeze Pain Reliever before, during and after runs in conjunction with rolling their legs with the TheraBand Roller Massager+.” added Ethan Pochman, vice president, U.S. clinical, Performance Health. “We are proud of these elite runners and inspired by their commitment to making a difference.”

About Run It Forward

Run It Forward (RIF) is a nonprofit organization that educates on fitness, nutrition and the value of health and dental care for America’s children. They aim to educate America’s underserved youth on the benefits of staying physically and mentally healthy, and the resulting impact it has on their education. As a nonprofit, RIF stretches the limits of human endurance, tenacity and community outreach on behalf of America’s schools through full school assemblies and service-based projects in local communities.

About Performance Health

Featuring leading brands like Biofreeze®, TheraBand™, Cramer® and Perform®, Performance Health offers a broad portfolio of products for the therapy, rehabilitation, wellness, massage, sports medicine, performance and podiatric markets. Our commitment to clinical professionals and consumers includes high-quality products, education and pain-management solutions.