Hatboro, PA Oct. 1, 2012 – PerformTex Products LLC, the makers of the patented, twin-grooved, adhesive technology line of kinesiology tapes, has announced its launch into South Africa. PerformTex has successfully opened its South African branch based out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

“South Africa has always been dynamic and progressive in the development and use of the ktaping techniques and products,” says John Jarvis, marketing director for PerformTex Products LLC. “So it only made sense to position ourselves within this marketplace. We are excited about the launch, but even more excited about the partnership formed and the direction and demographic market that PerformTex South Africa will service. Not only providing unparalleled quality, obtainable pricing and innovative education geared towards the human physio/retail population, but also its exploration into the equine/veterinarian markets as well.”

“We are excited to be part of the PerformTex Family and to be bringing this fantastic product to the South African market, both for humans and equines,” says Leigh Baron, managing director for PerformTex South Africa. Baron continues to say, “We know that when the South African market tries PerformTex they will not use any other kinesiology tape and that we look forward to working with both human and equine therapists in helping their patients feel the benefits of this great product”

To find out more about the company’s South African product offerings and services, visit thenewly launched South African site, www.performtexsa.co.za.