Hatboro, PA June 20, 2012 – PerformTex Products LLC, makers of the advanced, patented, twin-grooved, kinesiology tape, is excited to offer elastic therapeutic taping with customized, logo tape for branding efforts.

PerformTex Products LLC is currently working with several multi facility clinics, hospitals, associations and sporting teams, future ordering opportunities of fully customized PerformTex Tape with logo placement and custom colored tapes.

“We felt it important to give back to the community of k-taping enthusiasts by offering branding tools that will not only take the art of k-taping to that next level, but also the brand awareness of their organizations,” says John Jarvis, marketing director for PerformTex Products LLC. “As we saw during the last Olympic Games, the exposure and demand for the product and technique will be immensely popular for all of those involved, this branding opportunity now gives them a leg up on the competition”.

“K-tapers throughout the world have recognized the unsurpassed performance and value of our kinesiology tape and are willing and wanting to associate their name with our product. With our state of the art manufacturing process, we are now able to offer this line of goods with low commitment requirements, yet still providing them a minimum of 20 percent cost savings per roll compared to our competitors non-logo’d tapes,” states Jarvis.

For more information on customized logo and colored tapes, contact John Jarvis at Jarvis@PerformTex.com.