Hatboro, PA – PerformTex Products LLC, providers of the patented, twin grooved, adhesive technology line of kinesiology tapes, has announced the signing of The Vitality Depot as a lead national distributor of the PerformTex line of products.

“The Vitality Depot offers the coolest clinical products, and PerformTex Tape, its taping supplies and its line of goods certainly meet that criteria,” explains Dr. Mark Mandell, CEO of The Vitality Depot. “PerformTex Tape offers superior performance at incredible pricing, making this a win-win for the clinician and the patient. If you are ready for the next generation in kinesiology taping, then you are ready for PerformTex!” says Mandell.

“Our goal from the very beginning was to offer the most advanced ktape on the market and to get it into the hands of every practitioner we could as we strongly feel that elastic therapeutic taping and ktape as a whole is one of the most beneficial treatment protocols and therapy products, available today.” says John Jarvis, marketing director of PerformTex. “With the signing of The Vitality Depot as one of our lead national distributors, PerformTex has effectively extended our reach within the allied health community. We are proud to have them on board and as with any of our distributors will offer them any and all of the support we possibly can.” states Jarvis.

The Vitality Depot lives and breathes the concepts of SAVE, EARN and LEARN–helping clinics to save money, earn more by providing added value and to learn new techniques to help patients in the process. The product line offered by The Vitality Depot includes clinical office equipment, therapy equipment, traction devices, digital x-ray systems, treatment tables, analgesics, TENS/EMS, electrodes, ultrasound, laser, vibration plates, pillows, anti-fatigue mats, kinesiology tape, back supports, wrist braces, knee braces, massage supplies, patient education, and thermal and cryotherapy products. For more information on The Vitality Depot, visit www.thevitalitydepot.com.

PerformTex Products LLC, makers of the patented PerformTex Tape and its line of accessories, has truly taken the kinesiology taping therapy community by storm by providing the most advanced ktape on the market at the most aggressive price point offered. With its integrated philosophy of business PerformTex has been able to partner and associated itself with leading clinicians, clinics, hospitals, academia to your world class athletes, Olympians and professional teams throughout the globe. For more information on PerformTex and its line of goods, visit www.PerformTex.com.