Hatboro, PA July 9, 2012– PerformTex Products LLC, the makers of the patented, twin-grooved, adhesive technology line of kinesiology tapes, has introduced three new colors to its expanding line of kinesiology tapes.

PerformTex will roll out its newest colors to complement its already popular and unique color line of kinesiology tapes. “Again we listened to our consumers. By overwhelming demand, our therapists wanted a beige-colored tape, so we went out and developed the most advanced, most affordable, beige-colored kinesiology tape on the market,” says John Jarvis, marketing director for PerformTex Tape. “We put it out to vote and let our consumers decide which colors they wanted to see next. This is why we now are introducing Au Naturel (beige), Orange You Glad (neon orange) and Mauvelous (mauve/lilac). We truly enjoy what we do and we want to have fun doing it, welcoming all of those interested in coming along with us. This is why the fun names; this is why the direct contact with our consumers; this is why the constant demand for input–we want our practitioners to feel like they are every bit as important to our company as we are. We are truly here for them.”

You can see the Orange You Glad color used by our Olympic athletes, as this was the most commonly used color (outside of Jet Black) at this year’s trials. Also, check out the upcoming Crossfit Games, where you will see a number of the athletes sporting the Orange You Glad color.

These colors will be introduced in limited quantity and only in 5-centimeter by 5-meter lengths. PerformTex Products still offers their Speed Green, Titanium and Jet Black colors in both 5-meter and 35-meter lengths.

For more information about PerformTex products, visit www.PerformTex.com.