Personal Training Institute, the personal fitness training and nutrition franchise will conduct special events at each of its centers to draw attention to the American Dietetic Association and its National Nutrition Month®, a nutrition education and information campaign created annually in March.

The first event will highlight healthy versus unhealthy eating habits. Each client will be asked to choose one poor eating behavior that they would like to change. The clients will then work on a 6-week program to help them modify the desired eating behavior and PTI will guide them toward elimination of that unhealthy eating pattern. The second event is a healthy food series. There will be food tastings throughout the month to give clients the opportunity to try unfamiliar healthy food options. The new food tastings promise to include great tasting foods that anyone would love to eat according to PTI nutrition consultants.

“We never use fad diets or anything strange in our nutrition programs, it’s about managing your weight while eating the ‘real’ foods you love that will lead to life-long nutrition changes,” said Carol Kur, PTI co-founder and a registered dietician.

According to Kur, it takes 28 days or more to replace a bad habit with a good one, so the events will go on throughout March and into April. Clients are asked which behavior that they wish to change versus someone telling them how to diet. “We hate the D word,” added Kur.

PTI provides affordable packages for every fitness level and desired goal accomplishment, and PTI is the only franchised chain of centers that provides personal fitness training with every visit and individualized nutrition counseling, a service package that was once reserved for the rich and famous alone.

The American Dietetic Association information on National Nutrition Month(R) can be found at

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