Power Repair® Spa Vitamins promote health, energy, and wellness from the inside out

Daytona Beach, FL (November 2009) – For years, Pevonia Botanica Skincare has been on the cutting edge of result-driven skin care for men, women, teens and pre-teens of every skin type and ethnicity. Through extensive scientific research and clinical studies, Pevonia is now able to ensure faster, more visible results through its latest launch, Power Repair® Spa Vitamins, available to the spa professional by early January 2010.

Get your spa and clientele on the pathway to optimized energy and health with Power Repair® Spa Vitamins’ proprietary blend of powerhouse ingredients: resveratrol, a highly active antioxidant known for its unparalleled anti-aging benefits; extramel, a melon extract known for speeding up fat processing and counteracting inflammation; and anthocyanins, powerful phyto-nutrients that protect cells from free radical damage, make up the custom blend found in each of the five Spa Vitamins.

AccuMind™ (promotes cerebral health and wellness), LipoRefine™ (prevents fat storage accumulation under the skin), ClariPlex™ (fights blemish formation and prevents scarring), Youth Renew™ (supports youthful, radiant skin and supports healthy immune and cardiovascular systems), and the PevoVitale™ Age-Defying Vitamin Drink (increases energy, prolongs vitality and enhances mental function) all provide specified nutritional blends for unparalleled results. 

Pevonia Botanica Power Repair® Spa Vitamins will be available in January 2010 at prestigious spa locations worldwide. For more information, contact Terran Savage at terran@pevonia.com or (386) 239-8980, ext 519.

About Pevonia Botanica
Elite eco-friendly skin-care line, Pevonia Botanica offers more than 300 specialized home-care products and more than 150 professional in-spa treatments. Nature’s purest holistic botanical and marine elements synergize with high-tech manufacturing to deliver unparalleled visible results. Made with organic extracts, Pevonia maintains a harmonious balance with precious resources by offering fully recyclable, completely biodegradable packaging and refraining from any form of animal testing. Free from parabens, alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, PABA, artificial colors, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate and urea, Pevonia strives to deliver outstanding skin-care results while creating greener tomorrows for generations to come.