SAINT-MALO, FRANCE (Nov. 10, 2011):  – Much more than a simple bath, Oligomer® PURE is freeze dried seawater scientifically proven to relieve stress and reduce fatigue.

Phytomer celebrates 40 years of Oligomer®, the product and ingredient that has and will continue to be the heart of the brand. Introducing a new name, Oligomer® PURE signifies that it is the purest and most potent form of Oligomer available. Phytomer maintains worldwide exclusivity for this iconic ingredient. Oligomer®, meaning “little sea” is a sodium reduced seawater concentrate containing all of the active components of the sea, notably 104 trace elements essential to cellular balance and vitality. Protected by a manufacturing secret, Oligomer® PURE is obtained by the lyophilization (freeze-drying) of seawater, which suspends the state of activity and preserves all active properties that are naturally found in the ocean. Oligomer® PURE regains all its benefits with the addition of water to strengthen the skin’s functions and recharge the body with energy.