When you select a massage cream for use in your sessions as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, you can use many of the same criteria you used when deciding on other factors of your practice. This is a great way to help ensure a sense of harmony within your practice, where each piece of the work seems to mesh and meld.

A major starting point for most massage therapists and bodyworkers is choosing a focus for the type of techniques or modalities you practice, which is often directly tied to a particular kind of client or segment of the local population. For instance, the client base of a massage therapist or bodyworker who primarily offers techniques geared toward healing athletic injuries is likely to differ from the client base of a practitioner who aims to provide more mentally or emotionally healing session work.

The way you chose the kind of massage therapy or bodywork you wished to practice should, in some ways, be similar to the way you select your next massage cream. The massage cream should suit your personality and values, as well as the specific modality you offer and the clients who tend to come through your door.

In the case of the massage therapist or bodyworker who deals mainly with clients who would like to speed the healing of sports or athletic injuries, the practitioner may want to look toward more clinical or pain-relieving massage creams. Rather than picking out a massage cream that contains lavender essential oil for calming the mind, this practitioner may be more focused on finding a massage cream with an ingredient like Arnica montana or menthol, to take the edge off clients’ acute pain.

On the other hand, the massage therapist or bodyworker who offers techniques that aim to affect mental and emotional healing may find that a massage cream with the right blend of essential oils is a perfect fit for his or her practice. This touch therapist would likely have little need for a massage cream that made to ease more acute joint or muscle pain.

As you can see, the type of techniques you practice and the kinds of clients you attract are great guidelines for selecting a suitable massage cream for your practice. Of course, you will want to use some of your own personal values to pick out the perfect massage cream as well.

You can probably see a few of these personal values at work in other factors of your current practice, such as the décor of your massage or bodywork studio and the traits of the professional products you already have invested in, such as your massage table and linens.

For a great number of massage therapists and bodyworkers, these choices might reflect a respect for the planet and a personal commitment to choosing eco-friendly goods and services. If this sounds like you, then you may want to apply this same value to your selection of a massage cream, by searching for a massage cream that is manufactured and packaged sustainably.