Over and over again, massage therapists and bodyworkers have heard about a proven method for increasing business: It can be described as getting a niche, or becoming the expert in a specific form of massage therapy or bodywork for a specific type of client.

At first, this may seem silly. After all, it can be hard to imagine how narrowing down the work you can do can broaden your business prospects. However, if you find the right niche for the right population of clients, then becoming an expert at one specific modality can be good for business.

Before you go and pare your practice menu down to one simple service, it is important to first think about what type of massage therapy or bodywork you truly want to specialize in, as well as the kind of clients you would be primarily serving if you were to make such a move.

One of the best ways to begin the transition to successful expert is by doing thorough research of your local community, searching for the specific population where there is a demand for such specialized massage therapy or bodywork. For example, a massage therapist living in a golf community in Florida may be wise to become the expert in all kinds of hands-on techniques related to golfing, from alleviating the common aches and pains associated with golf to providing the kind of sports massage that can help a golfer improve his or her game.
A massage therapist living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, might be less interested in massage for golfers and more keen on learning advanced techniques for skiers and snowboarders. As you can see, choosing the modality you want to pursue to expert status can be heavily influenced by the community in which you live.

However, there are other factors that can play in to the type of massage therapy or bodywork you turn into your niche. Besides finding something that could be in high demand in your community, you should also follow your passion. For example, if you find it most rewarding to offer massage to people with cancer, then consider going this route when it comes to creating a specialty.

Once you know what area of massage therapy or bodywork you would like to be the go-to local expert in, the next step is to gain as much knowledge about the technique as possible, and keep refining your hands-on skills. This is where continuing education comes into play in a big way.

Continuing education classes are made for massage therapists and bodyworkers who already are established in their careers but are looking for new skills. Do your homework and find the teachers who can give you the advanced knowledge you need, then enroll in their continuing education classes.

Keep progressing up the ladder of continuing education, taking as many classes as you can that are relevant to your chosen niche. This is how you become an expert in a certain type of massage therapy or bodywork.