Pima Eye Institute, which provides specialty eye care to the Southern Arizona community, announced today that it has acquired advanced new imaging technology from Dublin, CA based Carl Zeiss Meditec that can help identify early signs of glaucoma and retinal diseases more effectively than other imaging or diagnostic tools. The new Cirrus„ HD-OCT system allows Drs. Ajay Sanan and Cathryn Cohen, the eye care professionals at Pima Eye Institute, to closely evaluate and monitor the detailed anatomy of the retina, the part of the eye that responds to light. Pima Eye Institute™s doctors use this information in order to help them preserve vision and provide the best possible treatment regimen for each patient.

We put a lot of thought into the instruments that we use in our practice because we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, said Ajay Sanan, MD of Pima Eye Institute. The new Cirrus system has made a tremendous impact on our practice by allowing us to see much deeper into the surrounding structures of the eye than before. Because it is so predictable and informative, we find that we are using it to monitor the eye health of a far greater percentage of patients than I had originally predicted.

As I have been struggling with eye conditions for years ” uveitis, cataracts, glaucoma and now chronic macular edema ” I became quite used to spending time at the eye doctor™s office, said Bonnie Means, RN. Throughout the years, I have seen many kinds of eye instruments, but nothing like the Cirrus system, which took colorful, 3D images of the inside of my eye. Within just a few seconds, it captured incredibly crisp pictures that allowed Dr. Sanan to easily identify my visual conditions, and I was in and out of the chair within just a few minutes.

Pima Eye Institute has a long-standing record of acquiring the most advanced technologies to influence treatment decisions and enhance outcomes for their patients, said Jim Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Carl Zeiss Meditec. We are honored that doctors Ajay Sanan and Cathryn Cohen have selected Cirrus for their practice.

The first new instrument to offer high definition three-dimensional maps of segmented layers of the eye, the Cirrus HD-OCT enables physicians to more accurately monitor their patients™ pathology and the effectiveness of treatment. Additionally, it can be used for assessing both glaucoma and retinal disease states.

The Cirrus HD-OCT is the latest addition to the family of imaging devices manufactured by Carl Zeiss Meditec, a leader in ophthalmic devices and surgical systems. The Cirrus HD-OCT has achieved broad acceptance in the ophthalmic industry since its introduction in November 2007, with the installation at Pima Eye Institute marking the 1,000th unit sold worldwide.

About Pima Eye Institute

Pima Eye Institute provides specialty eye care to the Southern Arizona community including medical and surgical care for glaucoma and cataract. Ajay Sanan, MD is an ophthalmic surgeon specializing in the anterior segment of the eye, and Cathryn Cohen, MD is a comprehensive ophthalmologist with an interest in the medical treatment of glaucoma.

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