Pine Island Publishers Inc. just released a new textbook, Practical Guide to Musculoskeletal Assessment, by Elaine Czerw. This book is designed to be a concise reference of accepted procedures used in the assesment of musculoskeletal complaints.

Pine Island Publishers also just completed the new edition of The Complete Review Guide in February 2010. A Spanish version of this textbook will be offered later this year. This book is an industry leader for review books and has been in production for more than 15 years.

The Complete Review Guide for State & National Examination in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 6th edition, by Patrick Barron

This new release has the latest information to prepare for the MBLEx and NCETMB exams as well as the Ohio, New York and Hawaii state exams in therapeutic massage. Included in this text are the new outlines and contact information for all of the exams and the references necessary to properly prepare for them. An updated section on Successful Test Taking provides learning strategies and helpful tips on coping with test anxiety. There are updates to the sections on Clinical Massage, Pathology and Business Practices, with more information on Pharmacology and Nutrition.

The Practical Guide to Musculoskeletal Assessment, 1st edition, by Elaine Czerw

This new book is a great addition to any therapist’s reference books. It is designed to be used in clinical settings and will provide exams to isolate physical problems with your clients and allow you to evaluate them for damages that may need to be referred to a professional. The author provides some basic anatomy of the joints, range of motion and common complaints and specialized tests. The tests are the commonly accepted procedures for evaluating musculoskeletal complaints. There are orthopedic tests for all of the major joints with more than 150 illustrations and photos with specifics about client and therapist position, test procedures and interpretation of the results with indications and contraindications. This is an easy book to pick up and use immediately, and it’s ideal when you have to do a referral and can list the actual exam and its results.

For more information, contact Pine Island Publishers Inc. at or (800) 400-1892.