PIP complete review guide bookPine Island Publishers Inc. is proud to announce the newly released 7th edition of The Complete Review Guide, an industry leader in study guides for students who are preparing for their board exams in massage.

This edition includes updates to the exam material and more questions at the end of each chapter. The back cover lists several reviews from some of Pine Island Publishers’ long-standing customers.

The Complete Review Guide, first published in 1995, is a thorough synopsis of the essential reference material needed to successfully prepare for state and national license or certification examinations in therapeutic massage and bodywork. Included in the Tips for Successful Test Taking section are strategies for learning, coping with test anxiety and conquering the multiple-choice test.

The book contains more than 256 pages of detailed information, concisely organized into chapters that correspond with the specific exam content for the FSMTB (MBLEx), NCETMB, NCETM and the states of New York & Hawaii.

Following each chapter are pertinent, multiple-choice review questions. The 7th edition contains additional questions and a new format to help students study for their specific exam.

The author suggests that only an atlas of musculoskeletal anatomy and a medical dictionary are needed as supplementary material when using the Complete Review Guide to prepare for standardized examinations.

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