Pivotal Health Solutions, a leading provider of products to the health and wellness industry, and Save Your Hands!, a leading education provider for manual therapists and publisher of Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition, have agreed to work together to develop a line of ergonomically-designed tables and accessories for manual therapists. This exclusive line of products will encompass massage, chiropractic and physical therapy products and will focus on self-care, sound ergonomics and injury prevention to help the professional who uses them to protect their health and prolong their career.

Under this arrangement, Pivotal and Save Your Hands will immediately begin to integrate each others product lines into their extensive distribution chains, and will introduce an easy-to-implement kit of self-care products to the market. “This strategic alliance will position Pivotal Health Solutions as the leader in ergonomic equipment options for manual therapy professionals that will help extend the health and longevity of careers” said Jim Engels, CEO of Pivotal Health Solutions.

According to Lauriann Greene, CEAS, president and co-author of Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition, “This partnership with Pivotal Health Solutions offers Save Your Hands the opportunity to design top-quality equipment using recognized ergonomics principles, while also expanding the reach of its educational products to help more manual therapists protect and prolong their careers.”

About Pivotal Health Solutions

Pivotal Health Solutions was formed in 2007 with the mission of becoming the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality products to the health and wellness industry. In this journey, Pivotal Health Solutions has brought together some of the industry’s finest brands. With multiple manufacturing sites supporting products in the chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, spa and medical markets, Pivotal Health Solutions has brought together one of the highest quality and most comprehensive product lines in the market today.

About Save Your Hands!

Save Your Hands! is the industry leader in injury prevention and ergonomics education for manual therapists, and publisher of the leading textbook on this subject, Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition. The Save Your Hands! textbook, continuing education courses and Certified Injury Prevention Instructor (CIPI) program provide research-based methods that have been proven effective in preventing injury in the high-risk manual treatment professions. With a board-certified professional ergonomist and several manual therapists on staff, Save Your Hands also offers expert ergonomics consulting services to manual therapists and the businesses that employ them, including the health care, hospitality and spa industries.