Plan Ahead for Business Breakdowns, MASSAGE MagazineYou can depend on breakdowns in business, tiny moments of crisis that feel big. Natural disruptions, such as a storm or flooding, unexpected power outages or loss of phone service, will happen occasionally. Having systems in place during these times will ensure that these breakdowns are handled smoothly and with minimized disruptions.

Power outages

1. Have a cache of flashlights and candles for the rooms, so business can continue as usual.

2. Have paper credit card slips so that you can write in the numbers, or keep a slider handy for running the card manually.

3. Let clients know when they call in that the power is out, so they can decide whether or not to book—but encourage them to experience a candlelight massage.

4. During seasons when your region experiences storms and power outages, print out a daily schedule when you first open, so you have a sense when clients are coming in.

Telephone disruption

1. Reroute the business number to a cell phone until the problem is fixed.

Fire or other building emergencies

1. Post a floor plan in each room showing the easiest exit.

2. Have written instructions explaining how to make sure everyone has exited the building.

Planning for these business breakdowns will allow you to masterfully deal with issues so your clients are well taken care of.

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