by Jean Shea

Play Cupid with Valentine's Day Care Packages, MASSAGE MagazineIt’s no longer just flowers and chocolates that say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day. A special body or facial treatment, as well as massage, is an increasingly popular way to tell someone how much you care on this holiday. This is not only good news for romance, but it’s great for your revenue.

Valentine’s Day and the days surrounding it provide spa owners and massage professionals with a significant opportunity to sell holiday-themed treatments and packages and spa-at-home gifts to help boost their bottom line.

Create special menu treatments clients can schedule for that special person in their life. Of course, the experience doesn’t have to be solo. On Valentine’s Day, many couples seek a wrap or body scrub and massage for two at their favorite day spa. You may even want to partner with a local restaurant to offer a special dinner-and-spa combination.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be for couples. The day provides a wonderful opportunity for moms to treat their own mothers or daughters to a day of beauty. In fact, mother-and-daughter spa outings are becoming extremely popular. And don’t forget dads and sons! Men are increasingly realizing the benefits of massage for relieving stress and soothing sore muscles and joints.

Whatever your treatment menu, make sure you have retail products for at-home use. Clients can purchase the products as gifts to give to others or to continue enjoying the benefits of the treatment at home.

Here are a few recommendations for Valentine’s Day treatments that are sure to make clients feel special.

Deeply Devoted Couple’s Massage


  • Massage oil
  • Essential oil blend
  • 100-percent essential oil candle


  1. Set massage tables side by side with enough room between for both therapists.
  2. Create ambiance with fresh flowers, soft music and essential oil candles.
  3. Add massage oil and 10 drops of essential oil blend to a dispenser; mix well. Warm prior to application in a warmer.

Sweet Sugar Stone Massage


  • Hot stones
  • Sugar body polish
  • Massage balm


  • 2 rubber spa bowls
  • Electric warmer
  • Hand towels


  1. Add ¼ cup body polish to rubber bowl; mix well. Warm prior to application.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons massage balm to rubber bowl. Warm prior to application.
  3. Warm stone in electric heating unit or Crock-Pot. Put enough water in heating unit to cover stones, then heat on low with the lid off for 30 minutes. Stones should never be more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit and should be comfortable for therapist to handle.
  4. Apply body polish following protocol. Remove with warm, wet towels.
  5. Apply massage balm in one even layer to client’s body following protocol.

Jean Shea, MASSAGE MagazineJean Shea is the founder and CEO of BIOTONE, a leading manufacturer of superior quality professional massage oils, cremes, lotions and gels, as well as spa-body and facial-treatment products. Shea founded the company in 1980 and today continues to help create and manufacture all of the company’s formulas. For more information, visit