Too often, professional massage therapists and bodyworkers fail to play up all the attributes that make their practices great ones. Perhaps it is an admirable modesty or humility, or simply a lack of marketing skills that leads to this poor business behavior. Fortunately, with a bit of guidance, practitioners can let their clients and community know that their sessions are worth booking.

One of the biggest mistakes a professional massage therapist or bodyworker can make when it comes to playing up his or her practice is to take aspects of that practice for granted. Therefore, in order to better market your services, you may need to take a long look at what makes a session with you so valuable. Then, take steps to let others know about these benefits.

To give a concrete example, massage cream is one of those aspects of a practitioner’s practice that is all too frequently taken for granted. Few massage therapists and bodyworkers even consider the fact that massage cream could be seen as an added value and benefit of time on their tables. Instead, many of these practitioners simply use massage cream without ever letting clients know what is being rubbed onto their skin.

Of course, before you can use massage cream as an aid in marketing your practice, you must have one or more massage creams that bring benefits to the table. If you have a favorite massage cream you have been using for a long time, then this massage cream must have some merits.

Perhaps you like it most because it allows you to perform your brand of touch therapy in the most optimal and efficient manner. However, you will want to look for benefits of the massage cream that might apply to the client a bit more directly, such as the fact that it contains no artificial ingredients or fragrances of any kind.

Maybe your favorite massage cream is also all organic, and all the ingredients this massage cream contains were grown, harvested, processed, manufactured and packaged in a planet friendly manner. These are the kinds of details that can really appeal to clients and help you find great angles for marketing your services.

For instance, an easy way to play up your practice a bit more would be to revamp your menu of services, whether this menu appears on your website, a social media page, hard copy brochures inside your practice space or all of the above. Take some time to put together a few sentences about the type of massage cream you use, and the fact that it is all natural, organic and planet friendly from top to bottom.

This same step can be taken with nearly any massage cream you feel has values for your clients. Simply add a few sentences to any of your marketing materials about the benefits of your particular massage cream, from supreme hydration and aromatherapy to pain-relieving effects that may last long after the session.