Hartland, Wisconsin (March 27, 2012): We would like to welcome Ryan Hoyme, owner of MassageNerd.com, to the Bon Vital’ family. He has owned and managed MassageNerd.com since January 2006, educating people all over the world without leaving his home. He has also been teaching massage students full-time with the Minnesota School of Business for the past 11 years and is seeing the future of massage growing at such a fast pace, that he wanted to join a company that has his same vision for the future of the massage profession.

Ryan will be the director of Bon Vital’s social media and will be teaching in massage schools, going to conferences and shooting video. His goal at Bon Vital’ is to bring the “social” part of media back into the mainstream of massage therapy. Bon Vital’ is more than a company—it’s family run and with family values—so he was drawn to that aspect of the company.

Ryan will continue to run MassageNerd.com as his hobby (as he’s done for the past six years), but Bon Vital’ will be his full-time job and it’s a company he can be proud to call his home.