CHICAGO, Illinois (Oct. 29, 2010): What’s in the air? In most offices and homes, the indoor air quality and the things floating in the air may surprise you. On average, indoor air quality is chock full of contaminants—in fact, there is typically over three times the amount of contaminants indoors rather than outdoors.

Meet the ZON Personal Air Purifier from Blueair, Inc., a portable air purifier that creates a “Personal Clean Air Zone.” Lightweight and compact, the portable unit assures consumers, especially those with respiratory conditions, access to clean air anywhere.

The ZON joins Blueair’s line of eco-friendly air purifiers available at specialty and retail stores throughout the United States and Canada and is available in various outlets worldwide. Suggested retail cost is less than $100.

Evolutionary Design

The new ZON Personal Air Purifier turns conventional air purifier design inside out, raises the bar for performance and provides consumers with their own ‘Personal Clean Air Zone’ wherever they are.

Unlike most other air purifiers that house the filter and fan in hard casing, the ZON strips away the hard casing from the filter fully exposing it to the surrounding air.

With this advanced design, the filter is cradled in a docking station along with Blueair’s patented HEPASilent™ filter to deliver clean air at a rate of 30 ft3/min into your ‘Personal Clean Air Zone.’ A variable speed control adjusts the airflow.

“Our design removes the barrier from hard casing used by many other companies that have a fan to draw air into the unit and push it out again,” noted Bengt Rittri, President and Founder of Blueair, Inc.

Delivers More Clean Air at a Faster Rate
Standing less than 8 inches tall, the ZON Personal Air Purifier has a compact 6.3 x 4.3 x 7.5 in. design and weighs just 1.5 lbs. with the filter included, making it the lightest air purifier on the market. With the design, the ZON delivers more clean air at a faster rate than any personal-sized air cleaner its size.

“The ZON concept was born from the idea that people want to breathe cleaner air wherever they are,” noted Rittri. “We set out to create a portable air purifier that is highly effective, extremely compact, eco-friendly, good looking and with ZON quality.”

Rittri added that ZON could become a consumer’s indispensable and trusty companion in providing clean, uncontaminated air. It is also ideal as a travel companion generating clean air wherever you go, he added.

Stellar Performance

Function is just as important as form for the ZON. As a result, ZON sets a standard that is much higher than the stated requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary ENERGY STAR program.
Sound Environmental Design

As with its other air purifiers, the ZON uses less packaging, uses lightweight material and assembles easily. It also requires 85% less energy than air purifiers of comparable performance, using less than 5 Watts of power. It also doesn’t use any chemicals on the filter and is ozone-free.
About Blueair

With offices in Chicago, IL and Stockholm, Sweden, Blueair is a leading supplier of consumer air purifiers. 2011 marks the company’s 15th year in delivering ‘Best of Class’ air purification systems.

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