(July 28, 2008, www.prnewsonline.com) – From conserving energy to energizing employees to be environmentally aware, the just-published PR News guidebook , Going Green: Case Studies in Outstanding Green Business Practices, features one–of–a–kind case studies, viewpoints and communications tactics for thriving by being green in all areas of business.

The Going Green Guidebook is available at www.prnewsonline.com/store/13.html

From the publishers of PR News and its sister brands min and CableFAX, the Going Green guidebook includes a wide range of strategies for greening your business. The 200+ page guidebook includes profiles of blue chip companies, small organizations and start–ups that have reinvented or reconfigured their businesses to be more environmentally responsible. The guidebook is tailored to communications, marketing and senior executives looking for a blueprint to communicate existing green efforts or to get new initiatives off the ground.

Companies profiled in the Guidebook include GE, Nickelodeon, HP, Walgreen’s, Wal–Mart, Broward County Library, BASF, Travelocity, Harrah’s, Dow Chemical, National Geographic, Chiquita, U.S. Army, Monroe College, Comcast and nearly 100 more organization of all sizes and budgets.

Considering that 70% of Americans believe a green designation for a company is just a “marketing tactic” yet most employees feel it’s extremely important for their company to be environmentally progressive, this Guidebook distills the most elements of going green and smartly communicating your efforts in the marketplace.

“Most companies are in the early stages of going green and there’s no one–size–fits–all solution to environmental responsibility,” says Diane Schwartz, vice president and group publisher of PR News and editor of the Guidebook. “By providing perspectives and ideas from hundreds of executives across the globe, this Guidebook should give our readers a clear idea of what’s working, and just as importantly, what’s not, when it comes to going green.”

The Going Green Guidebook is available at  www.prnewsonline.com/store/13.html

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