August 18, 2009 — The following articles are the top 15 most-read news stories for July on

Technique articles topped the list, followed by several health and industry news items. Michelle Hocking’s article, “What Makes You Great?” was the month’s top read, generating discussion and helpful feedback among readers.

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Top 15 most-read news stories—July:
1. What Makes You Great?
What makes you a great massage therapist? You are only as great as the experience you create for your clients. In addition to the all-important massage table, massage oil and massage skills, my 35 faculty members and I agreed on the 10 items (and four runners-up) that will elevate a good massage therapist to excellence. … Read more

2. Asian Bodywork: The Flow of Qi
Qi is Chinese for “vital life force energy.” In Japanese, this is called ki; in Sanskrit, prana. Qi is the essence that brings all living beings to life through an inter-outer-body communication network. … Read more

3. Therapeutic Insight: The Myofascial Release Perspective—What Do You Believe?
Many belief systems are thrust upon us by society, the educational system, coupled with our experience. I am not being critical of you with what I am about to write. I was guilty of this much longer than most. My experience has shown that much of what you and I were taught has been known to be obsolete for close to 70 years! Despite the fact the information has been known to be outdated, it is still being taught in most medical, dental and therapeutic schools, leading to the frustration of temporary results and a health-care system on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse. … Read more

4. How to Create a Spa Party Menu
Putting together a spa party menu requires creativity on the part of the massage therapist, as well as knowledge of various techniques. First, spa party business owners need to determine what services to offer in order to attract the desired clientele. Massage is one of the most requested services, and various types of massage can cater to different types of clients. Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy and Thai massage are just a few examples of massage offerings, and you can pair these services with other spa treatments to create unique spa party packages at a discounted rate than if clients purchased each service separately. … Read more

5. Trend Watch: The Spa and Wellness Revolution
While many consumers recognize a spa as a special place to be pampered and restored, spas have also become known for helping clients achieve an overall sense of health and wellness. This spa-wellness revolution has led to seven notable trends in spas today. … Read more

6. PTSD Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
Anxiety, depression, stress—all of these are familiar to massage therapists in their work with clients, but all can be symptoms of something much more serious than day-to-day challenges: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). New research shows that PTSD is associated with higher risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. … Read more

7. Massage Menu: Combining Massage Treatments
As massage therapists, our primary job is to massage people. But what if we want to give our clients a little bit more, or give them options that might make us a bit more money? Over the next few articles I’m going to explore add-ons we can include in our practices for extra pampering—or extra cash. … Read more

8. CVS Agrees to Remove Biofreeze From Shelves
Performance Health/Hygenic Corporation has launched a program to keep its popular pain-relieving formula, Biofreeze Pain Reliever, off of retail-store shelves. … Read more

9. The Myodural Bridge: Small Size, Large Influence
The myodural bridge (MDB) is a small ligament connecting a pair of deep, upper-neck muscles called rectus capitus posterior minor (RCPMi) to tissue covering the spinal cord, called the dura mater. There are three continuous and interconnected layers of fascia wrapped around the brain and spinal cord [the brain and spinal cord are referred to as the central nervous system (CNS)]. … Read more

10. The Top 10 Advantages of Home Study Courses: Part One
As a massage therapist, continuing education (CE) is a fundamental part of your career. However, attending traditional live classes, seminars and workshops to satisfy CE requirements can often be a major headache. Crowded classrooms, expensive travel costs and inconvenient class schedules are just a few of the drawbacks you have to deal with when taking such classes. … Read more

11. The Un-Comfort Zone with Robert Wilson: Bleed it Out
Half a century ago, marketing consultant James Vicary pulled a hoax on the American people as a way to promote his advertising agency. He reported that he flashed the words “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat popcorn” for a millisecond on a movie screen during a movie in a theater, and caused large numbers of people to visit the concession stand. He called the effect subliminal advertising. Subliminal means the effect functions below the threshold of consciousness. Years later, when others failed to duplicate his results, he admitted he made the whole thing up. Nevertheless, the myth continues. … Read more

12. AMTA ‘Disappointed’ by NCBTMB Decision
The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has weighed in the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork’s (NCBTMB) decision to create a membership organization. … Read more

13. Research: TMJ Related to Hip Pain
Massage therapists know that a client’s pain is often related to distant areas of the body. A new study shows that function of the temporomandibular joint affects hip pain. … Read more

14. NCBTMB is Launching Membership Organization
The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork has confirmed it is launching a membership organization. … Read more

15. How to Turn Your Massage Treatment into a Spa Experience
The magic is in the details. Listed below are my favorite simple, but impressive, touches you can add to your massage treatments to create more of a spa experience for clients. Enhancing the treatment experience is one way to stay competitive in the marketplace, while also helping to retain clientele by adding another dimension to your therapies. And, it can often justify charging a little bit more—which helps your bottom line. … Read more