Everything a pregnant woman does directly affects the child she is carrying. Study after study has proven that calmness in the mother leads to healthier in-utero development. So it is important for the mom-to-be to reduce stress and feel as good as possible.

Brooklyn, NY, May 26, 2009 –(PR.com)– On Saturday, 20th June 2009 from 2PM to 4PM, Beth Kruger and Anne Heckheimer will run a workshop for a maximum of 25 pregnant women, doing restorative yoga and massage. See http://BethYoga.com for more information.

It will be held in the new Soho studio of Yogaworks 78 Grand Street in Manhattan. Call 212 965 0801 to register. The cost is $35 in advance and $45 at the door.

Beth Kruger began teaching prenatal yoga in 2005 while pregnant with her first child. Her first daughter came along with her to teach Mommy and Me classes shortly after her birth.

Anne Heckheimer, is the founder of the Prenatal Massage Center of Manhattan. She is a New York licensed massage therapist, and has specialized in prenatal and postpartum massage for over five years. After receiving her license, Anne became certified as a prenatal and labor massage therapist through the Mothermassage method of prenatal and postpartum massage therapy, and Niara Healing Arts Center.

Restorative yoga and massage raise endorphin levels in the mom. These “feel good” hormones cross the placenta to soothe and relax your baby. This improves blood circulation and digestion and relieves the aches and pains of pregnancy.