Diana Garber, President and Creative Environment Officer of Intuitive Concepts Inc., has joined an exclusive group of professionals called the GreenBiz Intelligence Panel. This research group was founded by Greener World Media, Inc. and GreenBiz.com. The goal is to help businesses incorporate profitable business practices that integrate social and environmental responsibility. The initiatives are for large and small businesses.

The panel includes businesses that provide professional services, consumer goods, technology, financial services, industrial goods, utilities, and more. The overall demographic of the Intelligence Panel includes 55 percent of small business owners with $10 million or less in gross annual revenue; 20 percent of businesses with a gross annual income over $1 billion; and of these, 75 percent are currently in the United States.  For more information regarding the panel, please contact John Davies at (949) 872-0431.

Garber said, “Participation on this panel supports my company’s goal; and that is to help save the world one business, one home, one person at a time. Social and environmental responsibility, as well as accountability, is something we all need to support.”

We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. — Ancient Indian Proverb

Intuitive Concepts utilizes over a dozen sciences to evaluate influences internal and external to one’s living and working environments. The highly-respected consulting practice celebrated 10 years in 2008. For more information, visit www.intuitiveconcepts.com.