If you read the print edition of MASSAGE Magazine—and I hope you do!—then you know that we often publish articles about “regular” massage therapists who are doing extraordinary things.

But we can’t cover what you’re doing—community outreach, working with a pro sports team, spearheading a positive-touch campaign, or anything else—unless we know about it.

That’s where a press release comes in. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Basically, we just need to know these four Ws: What is happening, who is involved, where it’s occurring, and when. Be sure to include complete contact information (address, phone number and email address) on the release.

Your chances of receiving news coverage are much stronger if we hear about the event before it happens, or immediately following it. When you draft your press release for MASSAGE Magazine, send a copy of it to your local newspaper as well. Coverage by the media is free, and will raise your profile in your community.

Send your press releases to me, at kmenehan@massagemag.com.

Until next time!