Prima Fleur Botanicals, one of the industry’s leading custom manufacturers of natural skin and body care, has been certified as an ECOCERT® manufacturer.

Prima Fleur added ten new ECOCERT® formulations to their extensive repertoire of Premiere Stock Products and has already created dozens of proprietary ECOCERT® formulas in custom development. ECOCERT® requires that each ingredient used in a product be traceable back to its source and that the farming and extraction methods be acceptable to the agency. Furthermore, synthetics, petrochemicals, dyes and perfumes are prohibited.

“After years of developing and manufacturing products using organic and natural ingredients, we have decided to align ourselves with a certifying agency,” says Marianne Griffeth, President of Prima Fleur Botanicals. “We chose ECOCERT® because it is comprehensively organized for the purpose of certifying cosmetic products, not just food.  ECOCERT’s global influence has affected positive changes in the growing and processing methods of raw material suppliers. As a formulator, I have found the ECOCERT-approved raw materials list to be representative of the highest quality ingredients available. The detailed chain of inspection, from beginning to end, assures consumers the integrity of the product is without question.”

Premiere Stock Products are available in bulk for spa back bar or private label. To view a full list of products and to read about ECOCERT® standards, visit To order, e-mail