Primal Essence TeasOxnard, CA. Leading organic and natural extracts producer, Primal Essence has showcased its own brand of high-quality, certified organic, and all-natural line of super teas and infused coconut oil products.

Producing superior quality water soluble bulk herbal, spice, and a wide range of botanical extracts that are true to flavor and aroma for over 15 years, Primal Essence continues to fulfill the industry’s $9.3 billion demand with its direct-to-customers brand of rich award-winning Organic Super Teas that are derived from organic whole-plant extracts. In Classic Chai, Ginger Zing, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint Splash, Turmeric Tulsi, and Vanilla Chai variety, Primal Essence’s delicious Organic Super Teas come in convenient 45-millileter pump bottles that are loaded with robust flavor and natural phytonutrients and antioxidants. With just two or three squirts, Primal Essence Organic Super Teas yield the perfect and delicious beverage—tea, juice, and even coffee for added flavor and benefit.

Primal Essence has also recently introduced a line of award-winning Infused Coconut Oil products—a first in the industry—that help create exceptional, perfectly seasoned, and divinely delicious meals. With just a spoonful of Infused Coconut Oil—which comes in Garlic Onion, Indian Curry, Italian Herb, Lemon Pepper, Smoked Chili, and Thai Curry—each dish exudes the dramatic complexity of natural flavors from whole-food extracts, and all the benefits of coconut oil.

“We are excited to share our all-natural, health-benefiting, and delicious line of products,” says Susan Smyth, co-Founder and CEO of Primal Essence. “As a leading producer of superior liquid herb and spice water-soluble extracts in the industry, Primal Essence is delighted to share our expertise and passion to consumers with our new Organic Super Teas and Infused Coconut Oils.”

About Primal Essence

California-based Primal Essence is a leading producer of all-natural and certified organic water-soluble bulk herbal extracts, spice extracts, and a wide range of botanical extracts that are true to flavor and aroma and easy to apply in and use for the food, beverage, and food service industries. Specializing in quality water-soluble natural extracts like fenugreek extract, turmeric extract, rosemary extract, spearmint extract, chamomile extract, fennel extract, rosemary anti-oxidant, natural Astaxanthin, chai concentrate, or supercritical fluid extracts, Primal Essence is known for its superior and clean extraction technologies and methodologies in facilities that operate under strict Quality Assurance Program guidelines consisting of Good Manufacturing Practices, a HACCP plan, and a Pure Food Guarantee.

This careful production process allows the natural oils and resins to be extracted in a very clean, healthy and environmentally friendly manner. These extracts, combined with Primal Essence innovative technology to render these oils and resins water-soluble, results in pure, chemical-free, water-soluble extracts which preserve the full fragrance and flavor of the original botanical, and they are much more potent than simple raw and ground herbs and spices. Primal Essence extracts retain the plants’ original restorative and phyto-chemical qualities which have been recognized throughout the ages.

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