Prioritize Business Tasks to Avoid Overwhelm, MASSAGE Magazine

Did you know that lack of focus, overwhelm and stress prevent otherwise smart, gifted and amazing people from reaching their potential? There are so many activities massage business owners have to handle in their business that it can become overwhelming and bring to a halt the action of moving forward to more success.  The best way to handle overwhelm is to prioritize your activities, making sure the actions you choose to engage in are mostly income producing.

Tip one: Make a to-do list separating items into income-producing and nonincome-producing lists.

Tip two: Prioritize the income-producing actions by choosing which ones have the ability to produce immediate results. For example, contact clients from your database that have not been in to see you during the last three months by either calling or writing them a note and making then a special offer. Then prioritize the nonincome-producing items in order of importance, generally using deadlines as a guide. 

Tip three: Schedule two income-producing actions and one nonincome-producing action into your schedule on a weekly basis—treat these scheduled items like an appointment.  If you use this technique on an ongoing basis, you will create the future you want, which will include more money and more free time. Plus, you will be able to serve your clients in a more peaceful state of mind.

Quick, effective mini business planning like this will accelerate your growth.

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