(August 10): Stress-related back and neck pain plagues millions of Americans, few of which have the time, money or knowledge of how to deal with it. Heather Karr, a renown sports-massage therapist, has been treating her clients to deep-tissue massages by using a golf ball. Amazingly, a golf ball is the perfect sized and shaped object to exert the pressure needed to release the tension from muscles due to stress and overactivity.

Unfortunately, the pressure required on the golf ball to reach the back’s deep tissues will also ruin a therapist’s hands. So Heather developed a special holder to fill this need, and it’s called the SPAball Kaddy. ”My hands are my livelihood, and ergonomics are everything. I needed something comfortable, versatile, and effective.” This new “battle-tested” version and instructional video will be available soon.

To relieve some tension in her OWN upper back Heather needed a way to hold a golf ball in place while she pushed against a wall (or chair) with the golf ball targeted on the problem area. She tried placing a golf ball in an old sock, but got tired of the sock slipping off her shoulder, and she didn’t want to have to hold it from slipping either. So Heather invented the KaddyBACK (patent pending), a device that holds a golf ball in the proper position to self-massage the common problem areas between the shoulder blades.

The KaddyBACK actually stays in place on your shoulder so you can do other things while sitting, as long as you have a firm backrest. Heather and her legion of KaddyBACK owners can now self-massage while they simply do office work, fly in an airplane, stand against a wall or even sit in bed and press the KaddyBACK against the headboard.

Karr teaches clients how to stretch and massage in order to prolong time between appointments. “Not everyone can afford weekly massages, but we need them more than ever,” says Heather. She adds, “Stress can worsen the tension in your back and neck and even make you sick. I teach clients what I do to relieve upper back stress.”

Ask for your KaddyBACK at your local golf store, or order directly from www.kaddyBACK.com. The KaddyBACK is also available with your custom logo embroidered on it for special events and gifts.

For more information please contact Heather Karr at: KADDYBACK 26500 W. Agoura Road, Suite 102-668, Calabasas CA 91302
Phone 805-857-5693
Fax: 818-474-7465
Email: heather@kaddyback.com