Product liability insurance covers LMTs when claims arise from a product used on a client.


















The product liability aspect of insurance is a key feature for many professions, and certainly, massage therapy is no exception.

For massage, product liability insurance is even more relevant, as many massage products contact the client’s skin directly. This direct contact may sometimes cause issues for some client’s, such as rashes or other adverse reactions. From the overall effectiveness of any company’s quality control department to the unpredictable allergies some people have or end up developing, the potential for a lawsuit exists.

In massage therapy, massage oils and creams are often essential parts of the massage experience for the client, offering soothing smells and providing a more luxurious feeling treatment.

However, not every batch of massage oil is exactly the same, and people sometimes develop – or already may have – allergies to certain additives or substances found in massage oils and creams.

A client may not know of any existing skin sensitivity, in which case both the client and the therapist may be unpleasantly surprised by a bad reaction. In this example, through no fault of the massage therapist or the client, a product issue can provide fertile ground for a legal claim.

Be sure to ask the agent about what types of claims are usually covered, and certainly make sure to ask if there are any product exclusions.

Some insurance companies will not provide product liability coverage under certain circumstances, and it is best to have a good understanding of what those circumstances are, in advance of any issue.

If a massage therapist creates a special, proprietary blend from a variety of products, for example, a client’s adverse reaction to that blend may not be covered. Also, if an LMT sells any products directly to clients and those products cause the reaction, the product liability insurance may not provide coverage.

Product liability insurance provides an extra measure of coverage for massage therapists and the best programs will include product liability coverage at no extra charge. Insurance is something a person wants to have and hopes never to use. Still, whether it’s for a car, for a business, or for a massage therapist, liability insurance offers a needed buffer of protection from the unexpected and sometimes unpleasant incidents in life.