Promote Your Massage Business with Mobile Applications, MASSAGE MagazineKeeping abreast of today’s technologies is key to developing and improving your business—and mobile servicing is the latest frontier. Smartphone and tablet applications can help build your brand, provide convenience for your customers and increase efficiency, all of which enhance your bottom line.

If you have multiple businesses or locations, mobile application marketing can most certainly contribute to leveraging your operational success. It can bridge the gap of communication within your network and also build trust with your massage clients in a medium that is easy and preferable in today’s social-based economy.

Mobile apps offer customers an easy way to manage and access their activity with your business. If customer service is your primary focus, then apps maximize convenience—literally, at your fingertips—which in turn helps you win points with your consumers.

Consider the importance of different features in generating proprietary mobile applications. These features should be meaningful in value and ideally engage contact with your clientele.

Successful marketing tools in mobile apps for your massage business can include:

  • Options for booking sessions
  • Customization to alter the app at the user’s choosing
  • Specialized and mobile-exclusive promotions
  • Staff information, bios and areas of expertise
  • Center schedules, business hours and contact information

Integrated and efficient technologies allow you to gain an innovative edge in day-to-day operations. They offer opportunities to provide substantial service to your clients, and the added convenience enhances the overall experience they have with your business and associate with your brand.

Evan Kaltschmidt, MASSAGE MagazineEvan Kaltschmidt is the chief operating officer for LaVida Massage Franchise Development Inc., based in Commerce, Michigan. The international massage franchise chain has recently launched its own proprietary application for Apple and Android devices. For more information, visit