One source of stress for outcall massage therapists is driving from client to client. Car seats vary tremendously as does the way we sit in them. Car seats should support you as you sit upright with hips level.

Be close enough to the steering wheel so that your elbows are near your body when hands are positioned at 8 and 4 or at 9 and 3. Keeping hands relaxed reduces tense muscles and abuse of energy. It’s good to have the legs stretched out, but a flexed knee is better than total extension of the legs, and lumbar support gives added comfort.

I find being in the car pretty stressful with people cutting in or driving so close I am afraid to brake. Sometimes I see blue smoke inside my own car as my ears let out steam!

You have probably heard that writing a goal down makes it more likely to happen. In my car is a little yellow note on the steering wheel that says “Soit gentil dans la voiture.” Translated from French, it means “be a kind person in the car,” and for some reason, it keeps me calm. What would you write on your note?

— Karen Elysbeth Walsh is a licensed occupational therapist specializing in ergonomics and pain management,